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Bubble Soccer - Archery Warz - Nerf Warz - Soccer Darts + More

Melbourne and Regional Victoria 

Bubble Soccer - Archery Warz - Nerf Warz - Soccer Darts

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Bubble Soccer - Archery Warz - Nerf Warz

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Bubble Soccer - Archery Warz - Nerf Warz

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We bring Bubble Soccer PLUS MORE to you!


What do we do?

We are a fully mobile events and attraction business to put it simply, however we can cater an entertainment package to suit almost any occasion. Since beginning in 2014, we have grown from only Bubble Soccer to now offering over 7 services with new products rolling out all the time. 

What Is Bubble Soccer? 

Bubble Soccer is a relatively new sport, physically demanding, however provides exciting and laugh out loud fun for everyone. It involves being strapped into a zorb ball and running around playing a full contact  game of soccer. In addition to Soccer, we also run other games in the bubbles, including Bulldog, Sumo, Volleyball and more.

What we offer?

We offer a fully mobile party and events solution, where we can travel to your desired location, be it your own private property, a local park/reserve or an indoor sports venue. We take care of the whole booking process from the permit to the party invitations,  making your event planning so much easier. We do not provide dry hiring (unsupervised).

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We bring Bubble Soccer, Sports & Active Games to your own location (or one near you) all across Victoria. You can also attend one of our permanent or semi-permanent venues to play.

We bring all the equipment, set it all up, coordinate the activities and make sure everyone enjoys themselves and that your event is a success. It’s something that will create buzz, that will excite all your guests and catch the eye of onlookers.

It's live action Archery with similar rules to dodgeball and the same adrenaline rush as paintball. It can be played indoors or outdoors on almost any surface! The game is a fast paced fun pack action that is suitable for ages 14+ of all fitness levels. 

Archery Warz is the perfect stand alone event or add it on to your existing Bubble Soccer 2U event, corporate activity or party! We can accommodate groups of 20+ and take bookings 7 days a week.

New to Bubble Soccer2u, Soccer Darts took Social Media by storm and we are proud to be the first in Australian provider to offer Soccer Darts.  At 7m tall and over 5 metres wide it stands impressively and ready for you to challenge your friends, team mates or  colleagues. Soccer Darts can be setup indoors or outdoors and can cater for all ages. To book contact us or submit an enquiry below. 



Snookball combines Soccer and Billiards and is fun for all ages. Play singles, doubles or time trials on our wooden table. We setup and pack-up the table and bring all the equipment to your venue. All that's required is a flat 7m x 4m surface.

We carry all the latest Nerf and other foam blasters for you to experience and multiple different types of darts.

We bring all the equipment and setup an infltable battlefield for heaps of fun game modes. Everyone is provided with a pair of safety glasses for eye protection.

Drift, manoeuvre and pass around the fully customisable 24 square metre race track. The best 1:27-scale electric radio-controlled cars on the market. It'a an engaging and challenging activity for ages 10+.

Training and skill challenges, races, battles and lots of fun game modes.

Currently only available in Melbourne.

Enjoy non-gun laser tag fun with our revolutionary Hero Blast set. Battle it out with lots of fun game modes on an inflatable battlefield.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations, meaning we can setup just about anywhere there is enough space. 

Currently only available in Melbourne.

Why not try Spikeball at your next event? A new sport played by two teams of two players. It grew throughout College campuses in the USA before appearing on Shark Tank. It's a combination of volleyball, four square, hackie sack and totem tennis.

We also hire out interactive inflatable attractions like the ones above for small and large events.

Our inflatables are on the larger and more interactive scale and are appropriate fora  variety of ages.

Event Types & Information

At Bubble Soccer 2U we cater for every event you can think of and we can setup anywhere that has a playable surface! We host events for kids parties, birthday parties, bucks/hens parties and corporate events. We run gatherings for as few as 8 people to events with over 1000 people. We specialise in fundraising events for Schools and Community Organisations and have a great record of yielding great returns for organisations. 

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