10 New Age Sports To Add To Your Bucket List

1. Bubble Soccer

Unlike any sport you have seen before, players are strapped into an oversized 'bubble' zorb-like ball and play a full contact game of soccer. Players are sent flipping and flying in all directions and can safely roll upside down due to the heavy contact. It's laugh out loud fund and something everyone should have on their bucket list.

2. Headis (Header Table Tennis)

Combining football with table tennis, this sport uses a 7-inch rubber ball and a table tennis table with a more rigid 'net'. Originating shortly before 2008, the sport has grown massively, especially in Europe. This is a very easy sport to DIY and try at home.

3. Bosaball

Bosaball is an epic idea, but for most of us a struggle to pull off some of the amazing moves featured in Youtube videos. Combining volleyball, trampolining and gymnastics this sport goes large. Given the nature of the infrastructure, locations to playa re hard to come by, but if you get a chance to play you should definitely take it up.

4. Live Action Archery

It used to be restricted to live action roleplaying games (LARP) and medieval re-enactment meet-ups. It's now almost mainstream, with Live Action Archery and Bow Tag venues and providers in most major cities.

The game combines classic Archery technique, with the rules of Dodgeball and the adrenaline rush of Paintballing. It's really easy to pick up the skills required, it can be played as a one off event or as part of social competitions.

5. Snookball (Soccer Pool)

Snookball combines football with 8-ball pool and it's incredible to think that this sport wasn't invented any earlier. Played in single, doubles or race against the clock format it's easy to master the basics, but difficult to master chips, scoops, spins and trick moves.

6. Roundnet (Spikeball)

Created in 2008, Roundnet combines elements of volleyball, table tennis, totem tennis and foursquare. The fully portable net can be placed on a beach, field or indoor court and each team gets three touches before striking the ball into the roundnet in the middle of play. 

7. Footgolf

Footgolf started to come to prominence in 2010 when golf courses started introducing holes at their courses. A lot less difficult than actual golf, players kick a full size soccer ball and aim to reach the 21 inch hole in the fewest strikes possible.

8. Goggle Football (Soccer)

Straight out of a Japenese game show, Goggle Soccer or Binocular Football is now something that you can go and do with your mates. Every players wears a pair of depth perception altering goggles and hilarity ensues as they airswing, fall over and struggle with the most basic of football skills.

9. Parkour & Free Running

While Parkous and Free Running have been around for quite some time, it's only now that specialist venues and coaching are starting to pop-up. Allowing regular people to safely and quickly pick-up and experience the sport.

10. 360 Ball

Next level squash and racquet ball, played in a circular arena with a circular disc in the middle of it. The object is to hit the ball onto the disc into such a way that your opponent(s) can't make a return.

Much like Spikeball, there is also a mobile version of the game that you can take out in public. There are no walls to play off under this game mode.