Ideas For Outdoor Kids Parties

There's nothing quite like having a party outdoors for your birthday party. There is lots of space to spread out and the ideas for party games are endless. Melbourne and Canberra have a lot of indoor party venues, but hosting an event in your backyard or at your local park is a fantastic way to combine friends and family in an event of any size. The adults can relax, socialise and unwind, while the kids burn their energy and entertain themselves.

With that in mind, here are a few easy ideas to keep the kids entertained at your next outdoor party.

Lawn Twister

Four cans of spray pain and a circular stencil are all you need to setup this one. It's a game everyone knows and loves and you can customise the size of your field to how many players you are expecting. These days you don't even need a spinning wheel, you can download the app on your phone to call out the colours.

Bean Bag Toss Game

Numbered plates and and coloured bean bags are all you need for this great game that can engage both kids and adults. Play with two players or a large group. 

Backyard Frisbee Game

A really simple games that can provide hours of fun. A few frisbees and a couple of buckets are all you need. Play in teams or individually, with only a small space required.

Water Balloon Baseball or Cricket

Make an organised game out of your next water bomb fight. Pitch or bowl water ballons to someone with a cricket or baseball bat. Keep score or play just for fun.

Water Pistol Squirt Race

A pair of goggles, two empty drink bottles and a water pistol for each person. Teams complete to fill the bottle first. Great summer birthday party fun.