Haileybury College - School Incursion

We recently attended Haileybury Secondary College in Keysborough to run a session for a group of Year 10 students who were raising money for their charity school in Tanzania.

Bubble slam: The moment of impact!

Secondary School students enjoy playing Bubble Sportz just as much as Primary aged kids. The hits are a little bigger and the games are more competitive and intense. We've recently added Archery Warz, a live action archery sport where soft tipped arrows are fire at each other and the game plays like Dodgeball.

Bubble Soccer and our other Sportz are best played outside on the school oval. In the event of bad weather though, it's perfectly safe to play on an indoor basketball court as well.

We fully coordinate the whole event and the teachers usually end up getting involved, they especially seem to enjoy being the Bulldog in British Bulldog.

A job well done! The students enjoy a post Bubble Sportz chill.

Give us a call on 1300 116 525 to enquire about school sessions in Melbourne and Canberra.