Tips To Dominating Archery Warz

Archery Warz is a high pace, high action game played in teams. It’s smash up of Paintball, Dodgeball and Archery where players shoot to eliminate the opposition using LARP Bows and Arrows.

The Skills are quite easy to pick up, even for no experience Archers, however there a few tricks of the trade that will give you a leg up on the enemy…

1) Keep On The Move

  • It’s just as important to dodge opposition arrows than shooting your own.
    Make sure you stay on the move, even when reloading to improve your chances of being last person standing

2) Power is always the Answer

  • Arrows fly true when they are shot at a higher speed. to improve your accuracy pull back the bow string all the way when shooting.

3) Use your surroundings as an advantage!

  • All the best players duck and hind at some point. The Inflatable Battlefield pieces are perfect cover especially when reloading.

4) Use you angles!

  • Dodging an arrow that you can see coming is easy. Dodging and arrow you can’t see is near impossible.
    When you target your opponents, come from varying angles, move forward and backwards and side to side when shooting. This way the chance of your arrow being out of your opponents line of sight is much greater!

5) Be a Team Player!

  • Everyone loves to be a run and gun style player, but your team is more likely to succeed when you play as a unit.
    Provide cover to team mates and communicate formations loud and clear!

Master the above and it’s guaranteed you will dominate any opposition.
See you on the Battlefield!!

Archery Warz 2.png