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Just like the game ‘British Bulldog’ and it’s variations of ‘Octopus’, ‘Seaweed’ and ‘Bullrush’. Usually, one or two participants are selected as ‘Bulldogs’ and all remaining players line up on the goal line of the pitch. These players then run to the other end of the pitch, trying to avoid being knocked off their feet by the Bulldogs. All players who get knocked over become Bulldogs themselves on the next run. The winner is the last player standing.


By far the most popular inflatable ball sport. Bubble Soccer (Football) took off in Europe and has now spread around the world. Bubble Soccer has existed in the mainstream of Melbourne, Australia since late 2013.

Soccer has a bit of a reputation for being soft, but not Bubble Soccer, where you are encouraged to get bowled over and bounce back up.

The sport plays exactly the same as small pitch soccer, but all participants are wearing a giant inflatable bubble like a backpack which protects them from every angle.

Bubble Racing
Teams race against each other over a course. With one person tucking themselves in their ball and the other person outside the bubble rolling them.


Two opponents battle it out inside a Sumo ring. You eliminate your opponent by knocking them out of the right or putting them on the ground.


Dodgeball with a Bubble twist. This is a great game to get absolutely everyone involved from kids to parents. Just like regular Dodgeball, two teams oppose each other and are eliminated by having their throw caught or being struck on the full below the head.

To add some spice we add inflatable obstacles to the field, allow special rules that get your entire team ‘back-in’ and in some cases even allow ‘defenders’ in Bubbles to run around.

Plus many, many more!

Guidelines, Rules and Safety



Here are BubbleSoccer2U, we do everything to ensure that players, spectators and our staff are as safe as possible. With that in mind, please take the time to read through our rules below.

Remember that all Bubble Sportz participants play at their own risk. As with most other sports, there is potential for players to be injured whilst playing. Players with pre-existing injuries, who lack conditioning or can’t afford to be injured should seriously consider whether they believe they should put themselves in a Bubble.


  • Sporting attire (shorts or leggings and t-shirt/polos) is recommended as it does get quite hot running around. We advise that you don’t wear a singlet as straps can rub on shoulders.

  • Players must wear sports appropriate closed toe footwear.

  • Players who require glasses must accept the full responsibility for any injury or damage suffered due to the wearing of glasses..

  • Players must remove any loose jewellery and cover any items that may cause injury or damage to the bubbles.


  • Do not deliberately roll on your head or tip others on their head.

  • Avoid hitting other players from behind where possible.

  • Hold the handles with both hands.

  • Keep the straps on over your shoulder.

  • Keep your straps tightened and done up to ensure appropriate clearance between the top of your bubble are your head.

  • Check with your instructor if you are worried about the level of inflation in your bubble.

  • No coordinated rough impact charging, particularly from long distances or by jumping into each other.

  • Take care when bumping near your referee/instructor.

  • No spectators are to be present on pitch, subs are to change over as quickly as possible.


  • Person not in a Bubble Suit.

  • Person on the ground or trying to get up off the ground.

  • Person who is not near the ball and/or isn’t expecting contact.

  • Person from a long distance away.

  • Anyone when the referee has stopped play or before play is restarted after a goal/stoppage.

  • Goal post, goal net, corner, net, frame or other rigid objects.


  • Free/kicks and penalties during the game.

  • Player being red carded and ejected from the pitch.

  • Player being green carded, ejected from the pitch and having their bubble removed from the game.

  • In cases of serious breaches for rules, the booking will be immediately ended.


  • In the event that the temperature on pitch exceeds 37 degrees all Bubble Soccer 2U games/bookings will be cancelled.

  • Bookings that are yet to start or less than 30% complete will be entitled to a full refund or able to move their booking to another appropriate date.