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What Do We Do? We bring Bubble Sportz to your own location (or one near you) all across Canberra. We bring all the equipment, set it all up, coordinate the ‘Sportz ‘ and make sure everyone enjoys themselves and that your event is a success. It’s something that will create buzz, that will excite all your guests and catch the eye of onlookers.

What Is Bubble Soccer? Bubble Soccer is a new sport; physically demanding, exciting and laugh out loud fun. It involves being strapped into an inflatable ball and running around playing a full contact game of soccer. In addition to Soccer, we also run other ‘Bubble Sportz’, including Bulldog, Sumo, Volleyball and more.

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Events and Booking Types

At Bubble Sportz we can cater for every event you can think of and we can setup anywhere that has a playable surface! We host events for kids parties, birthday parties, bux/hens parties and corporate events. We can cater events from just 8 people to events with over 1000 people. We specialise in fundraising events for Schools and Community Organisations and have a great record of yielding great returns for organisations. 

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Canberra and NSW - Locations

Below are some of our preferred locations, feel free to suggest a location to us!

We only need a 30x15m space to run bubble soccer for up to 16 bubbles either indoors or outdoors!


Pricing Guide


See below for some of our most popular packages that we adapt to suit the majority of events and locations that we visit. Every event and location can be a little bit different, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are wanting a quote.

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