FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


+ What bubble sportz games are there?

Bubble football (Soccer) is by far the most popular and easy to pick up bubble sport. We also offer a range of other games, especially for younger kids who physical attributes to play Bubble Soccer for an extended period. These sports include Bubble British Bulldog, Bubble Sumo, Bubble Rugby and Bubble Racing. A full offering and videos of our Bubble Sportz games can be found here.

+ Is there an age limit?

Yes, in general 6 year olds+ are able to be safely fitted into and have have the physical capacity to carry a bubble around. For adults, as long as you don’t have any medical conditions that put you at risk and are fit, healthy and spritely enough to run around in a giant plastic bubble, you are able to take part.

+ What should I wear?

Sporting attire (shorts or leggings and t-shirt/polos) is recommended as it does get quite hot running around. We advise that you don’t wear a singlet as straps can rub on shoulders.

Players must wear sports appropriate closed toe footwear.

Players who require glasses must accept the full responsibility for any injury or damage suffered due to the wearing of glasses.

Players must remove any loose jewellery and cover any items that may cause injury or damage to the bubbles.

+ I live/we are based in X, can you come to us?

Bubble Soccer 2u services all locations in Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and parts of New South Wales. Additional fees may apply for bookings outside of Greater Melbourne and the A.C.T., but we are willing to travel all over the state.

+ Do you have a venue to host our event?

We have a number of preferred venues and parks across Melbourne and Canberra. You can see locations we have used in the past here.

If you are looking to have an event a little closer to home though, we can work with you to source an appropriate private or public venue.

+ What kind of space do we need to have in order to host?

In order to run an event we usually need at least a 20x15m space, with a further buffer area around it free from spectators and objects. The surface needs to be dry and non-abrasive. The advantage of an outdoor field is the softness of the grass on knees and joints, the downside is the risk of bad weather. On a warm sunny day it can also get quite hot and sweaty inside your bubble.